Fair Trade Policy.

Showthecrow.com have always operated a strict ethical policy in dealing with both suppliers and customers alike.

We attempt to visit all our suppliers’ factories at least twice a year. We look to see that supplier locations are spacious, light and well ventilated and adequate facilities are provided for catering and hygiene to which all meet EU and International standards.

Staff work 5 days a week with optional overtime if available. Standard holidays, Bank Holidays and Lunch Breaks and Tea Breaks are also adhered to.

No child enforced labour is used in any of our supplier’s processes and No animal products are used in our products.

Environmental Policy.

Showthecrow.com are conscious of limiting their environmental impact, we are proactive and with our suppliers to ensure that the products we feature are people and planet friendly.

As 90% of the products we provide are manufactured here in the UK, this helps to keep our Carbon Footprint to a minimum. Wherever possible we will source either recyceled or products derived from sustainable forests.